The purpose of the "Cup Cafe / LRC " is to create an environment where the kids can continue developing their thinking skills in the urge to make them be more critical and to reinforce the usage of the second language in a real and entertaining way.

 One of the interest in persue is letting the students get used to manage English in daily activities as buying at a gourmet shop, this way they are going to be able to see this second language as a really useful tool for the day by day in a near future.

 The purpose arises from the intention to use the Language Resource Center ( LRC ) as a tool for integration among students, emphasizing the management of English activities  in this cultural space and allowing students to engage in various recreational activities.  With this in mind, it had been developed activities such as "Know the Actor", " Open Gallery", " Introduction to Classics ",  " Meet the Genius" and Shake it off".



Art week has been taken over the LRC/ Cup Café!!!!

This has became a great and an amazing oportunity for our students to show their effort and talent, since they got to exhibit their work before friends, teachers and family, the school community has been able to enjoy this wonderful work as they also have a great time in group acting out, you can become whoever you want, laugh and interact with your friends, participating on this original and creative activity led by the students as well.

Students have developed a critical thinking and improved their English level as the enjoy themselves through such dynamic activities and with the support and help of all the English department.

We thank Adriana (art teacher) for her great collaboration and motivation in this project.


Cup Café